Giving back to the community


A few testimonials given to our staff

“I quite frankly would have died without Appoint Us Services helping me”

“You have enhanced my mum’s quality of life.”

“You are like my fairy godmother; you sort everything out for me.”

I thought you would like to know that I heard recently that my application for attendance allowance had been accepted and I am to be granted  £80 pw –  which will be a great boon. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement”

“You people just do it every time. You make my life so much easier.”

“More than anyone you have put me back on my feet again.”

“Appoint Us staff are so lovely — a breath of fresh air… I feel like I’ve been given the Crown Jewels, I could eat off my floor now.”

Creative Therapy what can I say
Only that Emma has her own unique way
She puts her heart and soul in to every day
Putting me at ease in her own unique way
So I am comfortable for her to stay
The time just seems to fritter away
When time is up she can no longer stay
But will come back another day
Hooray Hooray Hooray

“Thanks very much for the photos, mum’s room looks like home from home you’ve done a fantastic job!!!”

“After my widowed Mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia I found myself unable to administer her affairs. Fortunately I was able to contact Julie Earls who stepped in and sorted out all the problems. The service that my Mother received was amazingly thorough, comprehensive and in every way of a gold standard. Julie arranged for all the finances, including payment to a care home, sale of my Mother’s flat, the safety of her investments etc.
When my Mother died some two years later Julie even arranged the funeral. Literally every detail was taken care of in a most professional and caring manner. I cannot speak too highly of the service that was offered, and would un-hesitatingly recommend it to anyone else. Trudy

“This web site is outstanding and reflects so clearly and sincerely not only the objectives of the organisation, but much more importantly the personal determination of staff to deliver just that, if not more. Very impressive.

“We like dealing with you because we never have to chase you, you are always on the ball.”

“You guys are a credit to yourselves”

“My client was so complimentary about your service”

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THIS ONE REALLY GOT TO US….. “Every Day I wake up feeling like a worthless wrinkly old lady…today you made me feel valued” Sylvia at being asked to cut the ribbon to open our offices.


“Its lovely to see Mums nails painted and the lovely relationship growing between her and the support worker”

“Mum was so much better this time with your support in place. Usually when I go away she is very down but this time when I rang her she was chirpy. Thank you for the excellant service, I would certainly recommend you!”

Messages like this from one of our clients, shows making a difference – makes a difference………
‘Thank you all for being so kind and giving me something to look forward to every day. Since My wife died I haven’t had any fun until you came. I am so very grateful for all you do for me and you give me a reason to want to wake up every day, even if sometimes I forget you. It’s also helps you are a good looking bunch of birds’