Giving back to the community

Therapeutic Arts

Therapeutic Arts offers an imaginative and holistic approach which can unlock and engage people in order to improve their own well-being and self-development.

This can help with communication skills, relaxation, socialisation, confidence building, life and support plans and emotional wellbeing. This is a person-centred service based on experiential learning.

We use many different outlets such as Music, Drama, Art, Photographs, Reminiscence, Crafts and Creativity.

People who may benefit from this are those with dementia, learning disabilities, the elderly, chronic illness sufferers. It could also be of benefit to the education system and rehabilitation programmes.

This can be offered to individuals or in group sessions.

We can also offer Arts and Crafts sessions to individuals or groups.

Creative Art is a great service that allows people to express themselves and focus on achieving something new and different. By allowing individuals to work on projects, and these can be done individually or on in groups, it can help encourage communication, as well as helping them express themselves through art.

The projects can be focused on events, seasons, or memories, all helping to engage the mind.

Creative Therapy what can I say
Only that Emma has her own unique way
She puts her heart and soul in to every day
Putting me at ease in her own unique way
So I am comfortable for her to stay
The time just seems to fritter away
When time is up she can no longer stay
But will come back another day
Hooray Hooray Hooray