Giving back to the community

Safeguarding Children Advocacy

Referrals can be made by Solicitors, Social Workers or other professionals or by individuals.

As part of this service there are several things we can help with:

  • We can attend home visits, core group meetings, support through Court processes and hearings and ensure that the client understands what is happening and that their thoughts and wishes are being represented.
  • Where appropriate we can request and carry out a mental capacity assessment or request an official Solicitor.
  • We are able to stand in the witness box with the client to ensure that they understand the questions being asked of them and advise the court if there are any concerns over methods of questioning. We offer support to and gain the trust of the client.
  • We can give support at police stations for statements.
  • We can offer advocacy support to children, parents or foster carers in need of support.
  • We have staff who have experience in Fostering and Child Protection.