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Stella’s Story

Stella's Story

“At age 89, Stella had the misfortune of falling and breaking her femur while visiting family in Canada. She had been overwhelmed with caring for herself at home even prior to her fall, so that there was a real concern about whether/how she could continue to live independently following her recovery from major surgery. Happily, we were referred to you at that time, and it is thanks to the support that you have been providing that she has been able to stay in her home. Her quality of life is now just so much better since you came into her life and she considers you to be her friends. When she celebrated her 90th birthday on a Sunday, you arranged a small party at a tea house in Stratford and helped her celebrate, which made her feel so special. With your encouragement and support, she has ventured out to a local women alone group and an exercise class, hosted a coffee morning for her friends, been able to get to dental and hospital appointments and other occasional outings , and been able to make arrangements for necessary work to be done around the house. Stella talks often about how well looked-after she is and about how comfortable she feels with you as her support system. Her family in Canada is a long way away and is just so appreciative of all the services you provide, the professionalism with which you conduct yourselves, and the periodic updates you provide.”