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    Last Tuesday Julie was asked to be a witness at a wedding. She was honoured. The young lady in question asked if she could bring someone else as a witness as they had no one else who could do it for them. Julie suggested I could bring a work colleague. Excitedly she asked her about what she was wearing as she knew she had dreamed of a big white wedding. She said she had some leggings and a top as she had no money and no one who could help her choose a dress. Straight away the Appoint Us Team said she had to have a dress….this soon escalated and by Friday the team had pulled a whole wedding together for them.


    One post on Facebook led to Sian Lewis “The Cupcake Lady” offering to make and donate a wedding cake and sourcing the groom a suit shoes and a tie, Abbie Lox Hair salon in Coundon volunteering her services for bridal hair, Jane Waldron mobile nail technician doing the nails, Ladybird Home and Gardens (Tracie Gilbert) providing the flowers, Reynolds Press doing a wedding canvas and helping with a wedding album, Jo Tony and Nevil helping us provide hotel accommodation and goodies for the night, an anonymous business contributing a cash donation which funded a wedding breakfast, Deb had been to a white tie and tiara ball and donated her tiara, as lady called Lorraine donated the wedding dress which we couriered from up North and others donating small gifts for the couple to open on the day

    The remaining tasks, purchases and pulling it all together was down to team Appoint Us led by Sharon. Emma transformed the brides white pumps into something amazing and made the corsages and bouquet, Lauren and Sharon did the initial dress fitting.

    The big day arrived and the sun was shining, Emma Andrea and Sharon got the bride ready whilst I supported the nervous groom. Their former Social Worker turned up and gave the smiling bride away and did the readings, along with another professional who came as a guest on her days annual leave, the registrar was amazing and the ceremony emotional and moving

    The whole day was absolutely amazing and memorable. The bride and groom were thrilled and overwhelmed and thanked us for making them “feel so special”


    So glad to have been part of making someone’s day memorable and special. Thanks go to team Appoint us and all who helped us to achieve this. Community Interest Company and the Community making a difference

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