Giving back to the community

Support for families who live abroad or who are busy professionals

Living abroad? Loved ones in the UK? Peace of mind!

We provide a service for people who live abroad but may have close relatives back home who require either emergency one-off or ongoing support.

  • Peripatetic employees – employees who spend days, weeks or months working overseas.  Some examples would be airline pilots or expatriate workers who are posted overseas for extended periods of time
  • Expatriate employees – employees who work and are based abroad
  • Equally strong connection – people who do not fit into the above categories but have ‘equally strong’ connections with family in the United Kingdom

We can offer any of our services to ensure your loved ones in the UK are looked after.

We can manage house and contents transfers overseas, locally or into storage.

We can support using technology to allow contact to take place (such as Skype / FaceTime)

Busy working long hours?

We are all increasingly working longer hours at the same time as our loved ones get older and demand more of our time. If you are a busy professional our services can support you to look after your relative’s well-being by ensuring regular contact and updates while you are at work. This ensures your loved ones are safe and cared for and leaves you time for quality visits. If you are taking a break away we can provide a checking service for the duration of your break.