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Lasting Power of Attorney

This is when someone legally appoints someone else to manage their affairs should they lose capacity to do so in the future. We can help you to access Solicitors to complete this process. They can also, if you want, act as your Attorney.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney. People can choose to have either or both. A different person can be appointed for each or the same for both.

There is a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare – someone who could make decisions for you regarding health and welfare issues and Lasting Power of Attorney for Finance and Property – this person can make decisions regarding your property and will manage your money and pay your bills and make sure you have money for things you need.

You must have mental capacity to instruct and understand Lasting Power of Attorney. Once you have lost capacity you can no longer do this. 

Example: Mrs S has two daughters. One is a qualified Physiotherapist but not very good with money. Her other daughter works with money. Mrs S chose to have her Physiotherapist daughter to be her Attorney for Health and Welfare and her other daughter to be the Attorney for Property and Finance.

Appoint Us can support through this process alongside Solicitors.

We also act as Independent Certificate Providers for someone completing a Lasting Power of Attorney.