Giving back to the community

Appointee, Budgeting and Benefit Training

An Appointee manages the benefit income for someone who is unable to do so for themselves. An Appointee has to be appointed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Only the DWP can make the decision that a person needs an Appointee. They will usually visit the person claiming benefit to make sure the decision is the right one.

We hold Corporate Appointee status. This means that we act for more than one person and have been appointed by the DWP to manage benefits and income for anyone who needs us to help. Our Appointee staff are all DWP trained and have experience of working together with people in partnership.

We can manage someone’s benefit income on their behalf and ensure their bills are paid. In certain circumstances, we can manage more than benefit money. 

We also have experience and knowledge of partnership working with the Safeguarding Adults Teams and pride ourselves in our expertise in supporting in difficult situations to safeguard the interests of the customer.

Appoint Us offer a range of person-centred and outcome-focussed services from full appointeeship to empowering the customer where possible to manage their own monies.

Our service can be for an individual or through service agreements with other agencies such as the local authorities or health services.

Appoint Us like to visit and assess each person to ensure that the required service is appropriate and create an individual plan. We work hard to promote independence and value partnership working with our customers.

Budgeting: We support people to plan and manage a budget

Our budgeting service empowers people to manage their own money with varying levels of support alongside and in accordance with their desired outcomes.

“I’m so grateful for all of your support. I’m now debt free. It’s an invaluable service.”

Money for carers

We offer ways of making funds available to care staff to shop for the cared-for while safeguarding the cared-for and the carer; this includes an audit process.

Benefit checks and form completion

We carry out benefit checks to ensure the correct amount of benefit is being claimed and if not help to do this. We can help fill in benefit forms and help with appeals.

Benefit training

We offer a half day Overview of Benefits workshop. This is particularly useful for professional organisations managing or supporting people with their finances.